Chiropractic Fees

First Visit – Only $45 (Until end of April)

We warmly welcome you to your initial chiropractic consultation. Here, you have the opportunity to discuss your health concerns, and we’ll help to uncover the source of any discomfort, and tailor a treatment strategy to meet your unique needs. We take Walk-Ins as well!

Fee Schedule

X-ray Imaging

If necessary, X-ray imaging might be recommended, conducted by a nearby radiologist. These X-rays are conveniently bulk-billed through Medicare, ensuring no direct cost to you.


Based on the outcomes of your first visit and assessment, our clinic practices a careful and comprehensive approach to your care.

Therefore, adjustments are not performed during the first visit (unless recent X-rays are accessible).

This policy allows us to thoroughly analyse your assessment results and ensure that any treatment provided is meticulously tailored to your specific needs, ensuring the highest standard of care.