Dr. Cole Stephens (Chiropractor)

Dr. Cole Stephens (Chiropractor)


At Ormeau Chiropractic Centre, Cole Stephens is a dedicated chiropractor whose passion for the profession is evident in his approach to patient care. Cole’s journey into chiropractic stemmed from a deep-rooted interest in human physiology and a love for solving complex problems hands-on. His goal is to demonstrate the profound impact chiropractic care can have on an individual’s bodily communication and overall function, transcending beyond just posture improvement.

Cole’s path to becoming a chiropractor was fueled by his fascination with the body’s remarkable ability to endure stress and restore function. His early interest in human physiology and hands-on problem-solving led him to discover that chiropractic was the perfect career choice. With each passing year in his studies, Cole’s passion for the profession has only grown, driving his eagerness to help others achieve their full potential.


  • Cole’s childhood in the far north of New Zealand involved a country lifestyle surrounded by a diverse range of animals, from dogs to reptiles, fostering his early love for animal care.
  • Initially aspiring to be a professional soccer player, Cole has been an avid soccer player throughout his life in New Zealand. He later transitioned to boxing during his university years, participating in several matches in 2022.
  • Raised with a family yacht in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, Cole spent most weekends sailing and fishing, embracing the ocean’s tranquility and adventure.
  • Bachelor of Chiropractic (New Zealand) – 2023.
  • Diploma in Applied Science (New Zealand) – 2018

A Focused Approach

At Ormeau Chiropractic Centre, we focus on the Gonstead technique. Our approach is hands-on and manual, focusing on delivering effective adjustments and a comprehensive analysis of the spine and nervous system. This in-depth and specific technique allows us to precisely identify the areas needing adjustment, ensuring optimal results for our patients.

We proudly serve Ormeau, Logan, Pimpama, the Gold Coast region and Brisbane city area.

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