Gonstead Chiropractor

At Ormeau Chiropractic Centre, we use the Gonstead Chiropractic Technique. 

Grounded in the principles of biomechanics, neurology, orthopaedics, and anatomy, our approach aims to identify and address musculoskeletal issues, alleviating pain and discomfort.

The Gonstead Chiropractic method equips us with valuable directives for efficient case management. This involves gathering your medical history, conducting pertinent assessments, and implementing a suitable healthcare strategy.

Unlike isolated vertebrae treatment, this method places emphasis on the holistic care of your spine. We seamlessly integrate elements of the Gonstead Technique with other methods, including Applied Kinesiology, to enhance patient outcomes.

Benefits of the Gonstead Chiropractic Technique

  • Precise and targeted adjustments
  • Individualised treatment plans as every spine is different
  • Reduced pain and discomfort
  • Improve functions
  • Preventative care
  • Faster recovery
  • Non-invasive, drug free
  • Improved posture
  • Better quality of life
  • Patient education.

What sets Gonstead Chiropractic apart from conventional chiropractic?

Gonstead Chiropractic versus Traditional Chiropractic

In the course of treatment, Gonstead system chiropractors refrain from spinal twisting. Instead, they employ precise manoeuvres to realign particular vertebrae. Another distinguishing feature of the Gonstead system in contrast to other methods is the adjustment of the neck in a seated position.

Gonstead Chiropractor for Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Whether you’re dealing with back pain, neck pain, headaches, chronic pain or a recent injury, our warm and friendly team is here to help. Contact us today to start your journey to a healthier, pain-free you.